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Minney Newsletters


PDF Newsletter Number 35. Spring 2022, download here the original style newsletter. Use Adobe or other pdf reader such as Okular to view or print


Mailing List Newsletter Number 34. January 2010

Mailing List Newsletter Number 33. December 2006

Mailing List Newsletter Number 32. August 2006, featuring emails from various Minney researchers

Mailing List Newsletter Number 31. August 2005, featuring emails from various Minney researchers

Mailing List Newsletter Number 30. May 2005 and a list of India entries from the Minney database.

Mailing List Newsletter Number 29. December 2002

Mailing List Newsletter Number 28. May 2002

Mailing List Newsletter Number 27. December 2001


The printed newsletter ceased in the summer of 2000 after twenty six issues. I have now placed them on the website, listed below in pdf format. They will take a while to open up in a new browser window.

On many of them the photos were simply photocopied and so are missing from these online copies. Also, I have lost the July 96 copy and the first two newsletters are also not here (they were hand-typed). I do intend to put back in the missing photos at some stage and put up the early 'typed' newsletters, when I get time!


A Quick Review of the old (1990 - 2000) Minney Newsletters


Some interesting articles from the first twenty six newsletters include;

  • Johnnie Minney, a documented haunting in Waresley, Hunts,
  • Harry Minney, an amnesia victim who allegedly made the national press,
  • Mr Minney of London, acclaimed portrait by W W Russell now in the Tate Gallery
  • John Thomas Minney, transported convict to NSW 1817
  • Louis Minnie, mayor of Port Huron, Michigan, USA in 1880s
  • Arthur Minney, First World War casualty
  • Descendants of Daniel Minney, USA (several articles on this line)
  • Minney Row, Great Barford
  • Francis Minney, indentured apprentice 1721
  • Beds Parish Poor Law Papers, featuring three Minney families on the move
  • Rubeigh Minney, numerous articles and press cuttings
  • Sir Hugh Meyni, 13thc knight
  • James Minney, servitor in Hereford
  • Robert Minnie of Virginia
  • Romeo Minney, numerous articles
  • Albert Minney, mysterious death in Africa
  • Minney Moor, South Yorkshire, numerous articles
  • Minny Moon, place name in Cornwall
  • Minney Creek, Oregon, USA
  • Father Brendan Minney, headmaster & Benedictine monk
  • Herbert Minney, an Australian patriarch
  • Commonwealth War Graves

Also included were search results and extracts from The Times index, internet searches, IGI results, various index listings and so on. I also include lists of Minneys from parish registers, census returns, monument inscriptions, St Catherine's House, Somerset House, etc. There have been a few articles on Minnell as well.

The newsletter is deposited in several major archives including; the British Library, the Bodleian Library (Oxford University), and the Library of Congress USA. This will ensure that the newsletter will also become a useful reference for future generations studying the family history of the Minneys.