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Book References

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Mrs A Minney ran a carrier service from 1912 according to the author of 'This Green and Pleasant Land, The Story of Yardley Hastings'. This well researched book by Mr E C Revitt was published by Stanton & Son, Northampton. Second edition published in 1993.


Mrs Agnes Minney's carrier service gets another mention in, 'Yardley Hastings - Our Village' published by the Yardley Hastings Parish Appraisal Group in 1996.


Becket (Jack Minney), Handy (? Minney), Neddle (Fred Minney), Noddy (Alf Minney), Puttball (Lenny & Rollie Minney) and Slowper (Mr Minney) all from Yardley Hastings, Northants, appear in 'Recollections of a "Yardley Bwoy"' by Fred Elderton. Published privately by the author in 1997.


Charlie Minney is mentioned in August Derleth's 'The Wisconsin River, river of a thousand isles' circa 1940. Charlie Minney is the caretaker and tourist guide at Villa Louis, St Feriole island, Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin.


Diademi and daughter Julia Minney are mentioned in Henry Charlton Beck's 'More Forgotten Towns of Southern New Jersey, dated 1937. Like Oliver Minney below, this family is from Cookstown.


John Minney is mentioned in the booklet, 'The Heritage of Great Barford (Bedfordshire)', published in 1975 by the parish council.


John Minney is mentioned in Silvio Bedini's 1972 book, 'The Life of Benjamin Banneker 1796. Banneker (1731-1806), a free-born black tobacco farmer, lived his entire life in Baltimore County, Maryland.


Mrs M Minney gets a couple of mentions in Dorothy Grimes', 'Like Dew Before The Sun'. A wonderful description of the life and language of old Northamptonshire. Published privately by the author in 1992.


Oliver Minney gets many mentions in Herbert Norman Halpert's 'From Folktales and Legends from the New Jersey Pines: A collection and study, dated 1947. Oliver was from Cookstown and his family are of mixed Black and Indian race.


RH Minney and Mrs P Minney are mentioned in E C Revitts booklet, 'Yardley Hastings 1950-1990. Published privately.


Two privately published family histories from the USA are well worth tracking down and these are; "The Descendants of Sylvester David Minney" by Connie Allen in 1977 and "The Family Album of the Minney, Dobbins, Shock and related families." by Fern Minney (date unknown).

A number of useful entries for the Minny family in Shanghai in the early 1900s; From the Rivers of Babylon to the Whangpoo: A Century of Sephardi Jewish Life in Shanghai by Maisie J. Meyer, 2003. A strong, detailed account which provides an overall history of the Baghdadi Jewish community of Shanghai from its founding in the mid-nineteenth century until its dissolution after the establishment of the Peoples Republic of China in 1949.